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Solferino is a pretty hilltop village overlooking the plain and it is well-known for its wine and traditional cuisine. In 1859 it was the scene of the famous battle of San Martino and Solferino during the Risorgimento (the battle is commemorated every year in June with a historical reenactment). The museum of history is home to many artefatcs from the battle and the Ossuary of the church of “S. Pietro in Vincoli” houses the remains of the fallen.


Walking along the path that leads to the medieval castle you can reach the fortress, which due to its strategic location was known during the Risorgimento period as “Spia d’Italia” (Spy of Italy); the fortress affords a commanding view of the surrounding territory. The culinary specialty is the “capunsèl”, a bread and cheese dumpling which is the subject of a very popular fair in early July.