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Puegnago del Garda

It is located in the natural amphitheater of the morainic hills of the Valtenesi; very rich in meadows and woods and sunny, it offers views of the lake and Mount Baldo on the Verona side.

The municipality consists of six villages: Castello, Mura, Palude, Monteacuto, Raffa e San Quirico.

As evidenced by archaeological findings and the presence of piles found at the Sovenigo lakes, the town was inhabited since the Bronze Age. In 1971 the remains of a Roman villa of the first century b.C. were discovered and, according to documents of the tenth century, it seems there was also a temple dedicated to the goddess Victory. Then it suffered the Longobard domination, in 1300 the one of Mastino della Scala and in 1400 the one by Venetians, when it became part of the Valtenesi.

Puegnago del GardaPuegnago del GardaPuegnago del Garda

Full of interesting and picturesque corners, in Castello stands the nineteenth-century bell tower (1827), surrounded by the castle with rectangular towers at the sides. The walls follow the irregular shape of the peak on which they were erected. Charming natural oasis of Sovenigo lakes, three little lakes that in July and August are covered with the pink petals of the lotus flowers.

Typical products of the country are the extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. and D.O.C. wines, most famous of them is "Groppello", which is given a fair each year in September.

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