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Ponti sul Mincio

The town is located near the Lake Garda but sorrounded by hills, crossed by the bike trail that from Peschiera del Garda leads to Mantova along the Mincio river.

Places to visit:


The ancient Scaliger Castle, which can be visited with a guide, was built in the XII century by the Scaligers and till today it maintains intact the principal tower as part of the building curtain with five angular towers and Guelph battlements.
Ponti sul MincioPonti sul MincioPonti sul Mincio
Fortress Ardietti (1853-1861) can be visited with a guide. Inside are stored a lot of documents relating to the battles of the Risorgimento and also historical relics.


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B&B Il Grande Salice
Ponti sul Mincio
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