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Mantova is one of the most important of the Italy’s artistic cities. The beauty and tranquility of its old town make it as interesting as cities with a higher tourist influx.
Mantova is only 32 km/20 miles from Peschiera del Garda and extends on a peninsula between “Lago Superiore”, “Lago Di Mezzo” and “Lago Inferiore”, which are connected by the River Mincio, which is the outlet of Lake Garda and a tributary of the River Po, flowing not far from town.
Artistic and cultural tourism is very important. Since 1997 the city has hosted the “Festival della Letteratura di Mantova” (Literature Festival), which is an innovative cultural event with an emphasis on interaction between audience and authors.


Among the most important monuments are: the beautiful “Palazzo Ducale”, which partially overlooks the wide Piazza Sordello, where a remarkable collection of art is housed, including works by Pisanello (1400), the frescoes of Giulio Romano, an altarpiece by Rubens, and in the late 14th century Castle of San Giorgio, the famous “Camera degli Sposi”, with frescoes by Mantegna dated between 1465 and 1474. The medieval complex of “Piazza delle Erbe” is also of great value and includes the Romanesque “Rotonda of San Lorenzo”, the “Palazzo della Ragione”, flanked by the “Torre dell’Orologio” and the “Palazzo del Podestà”; moreover, the city’s heritage includes the Cathedral, which was rebuilt in the sixteenth century, having a eighteenth-century façade. The “Palazzo del Podestà” is home to a small museum dedicated to the great racing driver Tazio Nuvolari, who was born in the province of Mantova.